When talking about problems while playing sports for both men and women, long hair immediately comes to one`s mind. Long hair is one of the most common problems that a sports person face and for which boxing is not an exception. Whereas some people still want to do boxing and keep long hair. Tips below can help one greatly, so their long hair doesn`t create problems while boxing.

Problems while boxing with long hairs

Before knowing tips about boxing with long hair on must know about its problems. In a fight, while facing an opponent with long hair, one can take advantage of others’ long hair for winning. Even if the opponent doesn`t take advantage of hair as they can be the center point of distraction for the boxer himself, such as follows:

  1. The hair can keep on falling on your face distracting you
  2. It can get into your eye, blocking your view for some time, which can be crucial in a fight.
  3. While handling hair amid a fight, one cannot either defend or attack, leaving the player open for attack

Solutions for boxing with long hairs

  • Using a couple of bands for tying hairs

While boxing, a player has to move quickly from one spot to another, leaving the player`s hair bouncing, easily breaking a single hairband. One must use at least three hairbands to stop their hair from getting in the way of their fight. If one does not, their hair will keep falling onto one`s face.

  • Using hair gel or spray for holding hair in place

 Applying hair gel or stiffing spray can also be used instead of a hairband can give some relief to the player as even in windy weather, the gel will not get loose. The same goes for the stiffing spray, and it is even easier to apply than trying a hairband; one can gain more information from this source fightgearguide.com. These hair gel and mousse can make similar to plica hair. This happens naturally when one does not wash their hair for three or more days and gets sticky and stiff.

  • Making a bun out of twisted hair

While doing any work, people with long hair usually twist their hair into a bun to stop their hair from getting in their way. Fighters can use the same trick to tie their hair into a bun to freely train without any hair problems. To do this, the fighter must tie their hair into a pony, then twist it into a bun that will not get loose easily and is idle for training.

  •  Avoiding the use of hard pins

Fighter should never use hair clips made of metal as if the opponent hits you and the player falls on the head; the hair clip can deal some serious damage if the struck in the player`s head and can even prove to be life-threatening for the player as it can be sharp. Hence, one should always use soft hair clips made of soft plastic or rubber to avoid any wounds.

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