What Hairstyle To Choose To Remain Blonde, But Not To Look Like a Dump Doll?

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Recently, we have discovered that blonde chicks are back in fashion. At first we have put our hands into a pose for applauses, because finally naturally blond girls will not make that ultra black (with lots of blue shades) disasters to their hairs (and heads, too!). However, then another thought has across our mind. Blondes? Seriously? Are we going to look at those extra curly baby dolls again on every single corner of the richest and poorest neighborhoods? And what about the extra scary volume of a blonde hairstyle…This is definitely not a hairstyle for a real lady and you`ve got to admit that. Thus is how we have decided to pick up some really cool stuff that show how to remain blonde without looking like dump doll. See the best modern and elegant blonde hairstyles you should definitely consider this season!

1. Short awesome blonde chick!

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Do you dare? If you don’t, then this awesome idea is definitely for you! The fact that you will have a real experiment on your blonde hairstyle makes it absolutely stunning idea to give it a try. Bob blonde hairstyles are ideal for the summer and they are extra cool at a full value. You can pick up the nuance you prefer at most or you should remain in your natural blonde appearance for adding some virgin look in your appearance!

2. Classy ponytails

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There should not be any curls or some headbands and tiaras. Just straighten your hair and then have an elegant ponytail to show your first-class appearance without even sweating from the hair drier or the curler for hours. A ponytail, besides, is a fantastic way to deal with the stress at work without making your neck sweat due to a very complex hairstyle. It is simple and it is beautiful!

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3. Bang on a twist!

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Ok, you believe that bangs are made for darker hairs, but why not turning the current trends upside down and see what can happen. Moreover – the bang can be a long one or with some sexy twists. There is nothing more romantic that having your first date putting a tuft back on its side, while you are having a dinner in a fancy restaurant. Such a hairstyle can go finely with several nuances on your blond hair and it can be amazingly maintained with an ordinary hair drier for 10 minutes per day before work!

4. Marylyn Monroe…Why not?

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These curls are completely different from the curls we have discussed above. There is something retro and harmonious in this hairstyle and it could not be more feminine! Try this mid length haircut and use ordinary metal curlers for making your everyday elegant look either for work, or for a cocktail. This length, as a matter of fact, is very cool for making little knot in the back, too!

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