Update Your Wardrobe to the Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Trends


Hello, dear fashionistas! We have news for you – the spring/summer 2015 fashion trends are out now! Designers have made their collections, the fashion weeks in London and Paris came to an end, so you’re now ready to find out how to update your wardrobe according to the latest add-ons in clothing and style. See more now!

1.Shirt and shirt dresses/tunics

The classical shirt in its primary initial look has returned. Finally, you have the chance to be fashionable even if you cannot go back home from the office and you remain in your formal dress code in the night club.


Moreover – the shirt conception is transferred to other clothing items and it will be a massive scene of elegant women in shirtdresses or shirt-like tunics during the upcoming warm days!

2.The Sesame street Chicken has also returned


Don’t worry, there’s nothing so scary to make your look similar to your favorite kid’s character – especially if it’s fashionable and according to the latest trends.


The exact trend, though, is simple – simply, wear bright yellow! Whether as an extra cool blazer, or an exquisite dress, you’ll still succeed in beating that trend in a most outstanding way.

3.Gingham on the move


Have you recently noticed that everybody is crazy about the checked clothes that originally came out as a superb fashion trends from Burberry?


Well, the designers have noticed this, too, so they are now challenging you with even more gingham, stripes and squared patterns – in all kinds of shapes such as dresses, skirts, pants, etc.

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4.Black and white printing


Personally I remember this trend from the previous spring/summer fashion season, but to tell you the truth I do not mind dressing up elegantly in black and white printing again!


Besides, these clothing items are just so natural and easy to be matched with your favorite nuances that it would be a pity to give them up.

5.Comfy feminine culottes


They’re comfy indeed, but to make them look in a feminine way on your curves, be extremely careful with the matching process.


Wear tight blouses to balance the spaciousness or at least sheer upper materials to make the silhouette look complete and charming.

6.The Japanese trench/coat


Japan is put on pedestal when it comes to outwear of the spring/summer 2015 fashion season. The main cut is the Kimono, which combined with an elegant trench or jacket appears surprisingly well on both – shorties and taller women!

7.Thankfully, the flat shoes


Leave high heels aside – for the next season, maybe – and get your feet relaxed and rested, because the spring/summer 2015 trends ask you to wear flats, sneakers and slides!


No more aches in the calves and no more unhappy faces in the club after dancing all night long!

So what do you think, girls? Are these trends similar to some of your tastes?

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