Top Makeup Tips We Know from Fashion Bloggers

Top Makeup Tips We Have Known From Fashion Bloggers -

Fashion is no longer that unattainable sphere that is dictated by highest names like Armani, Chanel or Hermes. Even though these – and many others, of course – are the fashion brands that direct the mainstream of newest ideas and combinations to try – there’s one more field that puts a large influence into our everyday and special clothing outfits. Fashion bloggers became those secret – sometimes even anonymous – names who tell us not only what is in fashion currently, but also allow us to show our individual style with numerous bunches of tips. And today we’re about to list you the top and most genius makeup tips we’ve learnt from fashion bloggers!

1.Eyebrows should never be left behind in your overall makeup

Top Makeup Tips We Have Known From Fashion Bloggers -

Maybe your mother has forgotten to warn you that without putting a special accent on your eyebrows even the greatest makeup conception will appear as a failure. Indeed, your eyebrows do deserve some precise attention, too, and using proper products – eyebrow pencils and suitable brushes – is highly essential. Do not forget to match the product color with your natural eyebrow nuance.

2.Lips form your overall makeup look

Top Makeup Tips We Have Known From Fashion Bloggers -

Bloggers keep saying that ladies should never forget the lips as an essential part of the overall makeup idea. As a matter of fact, many fashion bloggers believe that you should even start with the selection of your lipstick color and then to proceed with the rest of your tasks – the foundation, the eyes, etc. Never leave your lips naked or underestimated, but apply the shade that suits your natural complexion, as well as nuances that can match with your manicure.

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3.Layers all over your faces

Top Makeup Tips We Have Known From Fashion Bloggers -

Even though you’ve found the best foundation shade that suits your natural complexion in a most perfect way, do not use it at its own! You should always work with two shades. For instance, have a basic foundation, but get yourself a darker tone to cover the bottom eye zone to boost your tired look. If you prefer blue eye shadows for a night out, match them with turquoise or light green shade to have a fantastic floating eye makeup. By the way, you can use this tip for your lips, too. Simply have a darker lip pencil to make an accent for your cherry lips in pink or red!

4.Fake eyelashes are OK, but they are not your only alternative!

Top Makeup Tips We Have Known From Fashion Bloggers -

Fashion bloggers do agree that eye makeup is quite important and here is where you need to put all of your artistic skills to pop up your look and to attract the attention wherever you pass by. But using fake eyelashes has never been your single alternative. To make your eyes look larger, you can get the benefits of many other interesting tricks like using white eyeliner, a curler for the lashes and even eyeliner in black to form up your eye in a more vibrant look!

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