Top Fashion Tips for Top Tall Chicks

Tall Chicks

Tall girls are never meant to be sad according to most women. Most people accept shortness and plumpness as faults, but they do not know how difficult it might be for a tall woman to choose her clothes, as well. However, we do understand. What we believe in is that shortness or tallness are not faults, but only specifics the concrete woman is supposed to conform to when she chooses her clothes and goes shopping for some new wardrobe updates. So, for all those girls above 1.80 cm height, we offer our ultimate pack of top fashion tips for top tall chicks. Check it out, dear model-like women!

1. Wear awesome shoes

Tall Chicks

Yes, probably you’ve expected other piece of advice as to your shoes. You’ve thought that you’re not allowed to wear high heels and you should reconcile with the flats. However, no – you’re free to wear your elegant black high heels or those wedges you cannot give up from the last summer. But what you have to know is that your shoes must be perfect and awesome all the time – regardless the occasion and regardless the outfit you have. The thing is that every person intuitively checks out the shoes of a woman that is too tall in order to find out whether she is naturally tall or lifted by some extra high heels. Thus, the attention is always on your shoes, ladies!

2. Oversize and accessorize

Tall Chicks

Actually – wear extra large accessories with no fear! You’re tall enough to wear super long earrings and your necklaces should at least reach down to your waist. Also, giant hats and attractive bracelets will make you super impressive!

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3. Know the accents of your silhouette

Tall Chicks

There are three main body parts you should put accent on if you’re taller than all of your friends. First of all, highlight the neck – either by leaving it naked, or with big accessories as we’ve told you above. Second, pay some attention to your top. It is where the ordinary-height person focuses his or her look at. Last but not least, always have a finely maid manicure, because your hands are at display, too!

4. Keep it simple and classy

Tall Chicks

For some reason fashion designers have preferred the classical minimalism in their trends for the last few years. My personal opinion is that their models are just too tall to wear extra bright and extra posh. Well, this is definitely not the explanation of the latest fashion designs and trends, but it shows that tall girls indeed look better in an elegant business lady outfit!


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