Top Fashion Ideas for the Long, Long Skirt

Top Fashion Ideas for The Long, Long Skirt -

The background history of female skirt begins with floor length. In the last century, there was another rule: the more liberal the society, the shorter the skirts. However, as you probably already know, everything in fashion comes back once again at some point. And when it comes to skirts, this statement is also entirely true. So, these days, the long skirt – down to the ankles – has also returned and we have the big challenge to figure out how to wear it in order to look fantastic! Read the following expert fashion tips and ideas for the long, long skirt and see this mystery disclosed!

1. What should you wear on top?

Top Fashion Ideas for The Long, Long Skirt -

The alternatives for the top part of your long skirt outfit are numerous. However, even though you have such a rich choice, be aware because the long skirt changes your entire silhouette in a specific way. So, few matching tests with your long skirt could be a good idea!

Top Fashion Ideas for The Long, Long Skirt -

What we suggest is definitely a cropped top or a school-girl shirt. Another brilliant conception is the one-shoulder blouse or something feminine like transparent top, lace shirt or even cartoon T-shirt for some super funky outfit!

2. What about the overcoat?

Top Fashion Ideas for The Long, Long Skirt -

Here, your task becomes a little bit more difficult. The thing is that the long skirt does not suit to all kinds of overcoats. For example, avoid too formal jackets and better find some sports blazer or even glittering sleeveless jacket. Denim is superb idea for a cotton or polyester long skirt – especially if you add some eccentric flats or fashion sneakers. The woollen midi jackets might be matched with a thicker long skirt, while the sheer skirt will go amazingly fine with some asymmetric blazer or overcoat with interesting pattern.

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3. What kind of shoes does the long skirt love?

Top Fashion Ideas for The Long, Long Skirt -

In the past, fashion experts advised women to wear long skirts only with flats, but this tip suits only tall women. Thankfully, shorties can from now on enjoy the long skirt outfit, as well, because these days the combo with a thick skirt and high-heeled booties has become one of the newest fashion trends. You can try the same conception by changing the booties with leather boots in winter and with vanguard high-heel sandals or formal black classical shoes. Avoid wedges, although fashion street rules allow this conception if you match it with some more feminine accessories like a panama hat or a set of sparkling bracelets. Last, but not least, fashion sneakers can be the perfect footwear for you in case you have some really busy and dynamic daily routines and you’re searching for more comfort.

And what about you? What is your favorite long skirt fashion outfit? Do not miss to share your personal ideas with us, too!

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  1. Personally I don’t really care if a long skirt is in fashion or not. Since the mid 60’s when I was 15 I loved long skirts. Hotpants were also in fashion then. So I switched back and forth. Since then I kept wearing long skirts on and off. Fashion or not. Here you only show short tops for the long skirt. Longer blouses, well over the hip well down over the butt make a great combo too. Don’t understand why only short tops are suggested here. And as to the jackets… what goes for one person is a no go area for the other. There’s not 1 way to make it look right. Moreover. Why only pics of young tall skinny people? Are those the norm? For magazines Probably… but NOT in real life.

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