All the top Asian makeup tips at one place


Due to our desire to help all of you girls to look amazing 24/7, we have come up with a decision to gather all the top Asian makeup tips at one place. Do not miss to view our special suggestions for Asian females! All of them are tested, tried and 100% effective regardless of your personal preferences to colors, tastes in everyday look and requirements for a natural, but charming appearance.

1. Lovely facial makeup

woman's face with powder brush on her hand | location: Tokyo Japan | description: woman's face with powder brush on her hand | location: Tokyo Japan

Biggest names in makeup claim that yellow-based foundations are quite gorgeous for Asian girls. It’s important to find a product that will add a better natural look to your skin tone. Also, do not underestimate the concealer part either. Last, but not least, carefully add some light blush on your cheeks. The final result should give your face a porcelain look! Avoid pink undertones, but put some accents with darker orange-nuanced shade. By the way, try the mineral-based foundations, since they’re very suitable for Asian girls.

2. Eyelining on the go!


To make deep dark Asian eyes look even more attractive and mysterious, popular makeup artists these days use the double eye lining check. Begin with some ordinary black eyeliner to focus the attention on the eyes.


Then, proceed by adding some extra color. You can add shimmering eyeliner or match the nuance of the second eyeliner with the shade of your clothing outfit. Green, blue and golden colors are perfect for an awesome Asian makeup. Do not forget to apply mascara or better use your favorite fake eyelashes for a more outstanding look.

3. Colorfulness in girlish tones

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Too natural look with earth tones is ok, but it’s not the most fabulous Asian makeup conception you can actually achieve. So, adding some of the most common and beloved girlish colors could be a brilliant idea.


The typical Asian pale face might be quickly transformed into a more glowing and radiant one with some glossy lipstick. Stick to the baby pink shade for an everyday appearance and choose a classical red lipstick for a night out. As a matter of fact, these two alternatives can be spiced with some more nuances. The daily baby-pink-styled look matches with fantastic pastel or brown eyeshadows. On the other hand, the evening look with that screaming red lipstick will go brilliantly well with black or grey smoked eyeshadows.

4. Special accents to pay attention on


Shape your eyebrows very precisely and apply some light pencil at the edges. Also, to reduce the puffiness of your eyes, which is a quite common task for any Asian girl, apply cool slices of cucumber few minutes before the makeup procedure.


And finally, to make your nose look thinner, simply add contour shades on each side. Highlight with a shade that is close to your cheekbones blushing product.

Do not forget to share your personal hints and secrets for a superb Asian makeup!

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