The Scarf Is the New Necklace

the scarf

Fashion has been playing us by changing all the time and by replacing classical items or accessories with more vanguard suggestions that can highlight your individual style and bring the contemporary look of any old but gold antique in woman’s clothing outfit ideas. Today, we are focusing your attention on such a trend, which, as a matter of fact, is quite interesting, practical and very intriguing. We present you the scarf or the newest female fashion necklace. Indeed, scarves have become not only preferable, but quite mandatory pieces of today’s modern look – whether for a night out, or for work – and we will disclose some really cool ideas on how to wear different stylish scarves.

1.Get Yourself A Whole Scarf Collection To Match Them Freely

the scarf

It’s logical that a single scarf cannot transfer your entire wardrobe or fit to all of your clothes. So, having an entire collection with at least 4-5 scarves is always a brilliant idea to diversify your styles without even spending lots of money for new clothes. Try to purchase scarves from latest fashion trends. Rely on the long scarves, which are both fashionable and transformable. The latest scarf conceptions include light materials, colorful patterns, animal prints, flowers – lots of them – eccentric fringes, etc.

2.How To Tie A Scarf

the scarf

Tying a scarf according to the latest fashion trends and suitably for your current clothing outfit is an entire piece of art! You can actually change your appearance not only with a single scarf, but also with a numerous series of tying methods. Here are the most contemporary and exquisite ways of tying your scarf, matched with different clothes, styles, patterns and nuances.

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3.What Clothes To Wear With A Scarf?

the scarf

You can actually wear any kind of clothing type with a scarf – from a gorgeous sunny dress to a super smart dress code patched up with traditional black pair of pants and cool shirts. Actually, wearing a small piece of scarf of your neck with the office outfit – especially the one with simple clothing items and cuts – is a rule number one to follow the working rules of clothes and being always original. Scarves are also fantastic with midi dresses and even T-shirts, where the sports element suits the elegance a scarf brings in a really fantastic way.

4.Is the Scarf Only a Necklace?

the scarf

No, it’s not! And the greatest news from the latest fashion scarf trends is that limiting yourself by putting it on your neck only is something you need to avoid. Scarves can be also worn on your waist – you do remember this retro funky hippie style, don’t you? Scarves might be also tied on your head as a headband, as well as an additional decoration for your purse. And finally, try to push the scarf under your belt – it will look amazing with your fashion outfit!

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