The Makeup Products and Tools You Actually Don’t Need

makeup products and tools

There might come time when you get too sick and tired by us telling you what you have to do and what you must buy when it comes to your makeup. Well, guess what – this time we’ll tell you just the opposite. Here’s the big bunch of makeup products and tools you actually don’t need! Yes, you don’t need them and you shouldn’t waste your money and time on buying them…

1. Toner

makeup products and tools

Who needs toner these days, when every woman in this world is finely aware that she has to wash her face daily – at least once per day – regardless of her facial skin type? And why do you need it, when your moisturizing product is toning enough to make your face glow and remain radiant?

2. Gelish nail polish

makeup products and tools

OK, the DIY projects – including the beauty and manicure ones – are too many these days and they have literally rocked the web. But why bother with buying UV nail machines and looking for some really high-quality gelish nail polishes, when you can spend the same money and less nerves at your favorite and kind manicurist’s salon? You miss the relaxing and gossiping time in this way, girl!

3. Foot mask

makeup products and tools

When I found out that there is such a thing, I was shocked. First of all, your feet need hygiene in the first place and if you apply mask on them additionally, they may start sweating too much. And in your new fashion sneakers the effect will be awful. All your feet need is washing and removing of the dead cells. Masks do not do this!

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4. Lip brush

makeup products and tools

As far as I know, lipsticks are made in a proper and suitable shape to make it easy and convenient for a woman to apply them. Probably, this is one of the most revolutionary beauty products that have ever been discovered and to tell you the truth, the inventor did their job well. So, you do not need a lipstick brush at all…

5. Eye makeup remover

makeup products and tools

Why the hell do you need an eye makeup remover when you use makeup remover in general every single evening, when you get back home from work? And why do you think that the eye makeup remover has different ingredients in comparison to the standard makeup removers? Besides, if you think that the always-remove-your-makeup rule refers to your eyes only, you’re wrong!

6. Full coverage foundation

makeup products and tools

First of all, if you have several types of full coverage foundation – including full, semi or little – then you need to open a beauty studio. And second, why bother with full coverage foundation, when as a matter of fact, all foundations are actually made to cover your face fully? It’s another question that you need to have two types of foundations – a light and an evening one – but both must cover your face fully, not in half!

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