The craziest Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

With the soon arrival of Christmas any fashionista must be considering her appearance since November. Well, December is here and if you haven’t decided how to impress all the attendants at the Christmas party this year, we suggest you to put an accent with your makeup. We leave you the freedom to choose whatever clothing outfit you want, but as to the makeup, we have the best suggestions ever for you! Check out the craziest Christmas-inspired makeup ideas ever.

1. Original, fancy and non-traditional fake eyelashes for a seductive look!

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

Do you know that only a pair of vanguard and extra tempting eyelashes can actually change your entire look? Besides, with super cool and unique eyelashes, you can even skip all the other accents such as stylish manicure, extra glossy lipstick and even eye makeup at all.

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

Try these snowflake-styled eyelashes to make a brilliant impression on your Christmas party. Match them with some natural makeup – a little bit of foundation and neutral lipstick shade. A more girlish and cute look is achievable with this pair of blue feather eyelashes.

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

Match them with a shimmering dress or a gorgeous blazer in black, grey or yellow! Last, but not least, add some mini golden Christmas spheres – thematic, attractive and extra classy!

2. Fabulous makeup in Snow White style

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

Who’s the Queen of Christmas? Snow White, of course! And who’s going to be the Queen of your Christmas party – you, if you succeed to achieve the fabulous Snow White style makeup.

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

The very essence behind this makeup conception is to fade your complexion and make it as fair as you can.

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Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

The white nuances and shades on both the cheeks and eyes are put on display as well. Last, but not least, try an extra light-shaded – cold pink, neutral beige etc. – or bright red lipstick.

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

To get the idea, we have gathered 3 more ideas for a sexy Snow White makeup, too!

3. Fancy Christmas-styled lady from the 20s

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

Retro makeup style, the fashion trends of the 1920s, as well as Vintage style are all quite suitable for your Christmas party appearance, too! Here, the extra deep expression of your look is a must.

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

Use eyeliner and keep the shades simple and classical – red or orange lipsticks, highlights on the cheeks and neutral shade of the foundation. Such a fascinating makeup fits a tiara for your short hairstyle, an evening dress with knee length and thin straps with shimmering ornaments.

4. Top rated crazy makeup ideas for the Christmas party

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

At the end, we’ll give some extra outstanding makeup conceptions for those of you who simply refuse being ordinary and boring! The top rated crazy makeup ideas for the Christmas party. With any of them you might be proclaimed as the diva of the night. And which woman doesn’t want it?

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

For women who want to be noticed and detected once they enter the room, the extra bright colors – especially candy pink – are just brilliant! Choose the makeup with ornaments to correspond to the richly decorated Christmas tree.

Christmas-inspired makeup ideas

And finally, try the Gothic style to put accents on your sleek silhouette, mysterious personality and spirited character!

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We wish you happy holidays and simple makeup preparation!

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