Party Hairstyles – Elegant and Fresh for the Fiesta

Whenever a woman wants to bring change in her life – she always starts with the hair. Party hairstyles Is something all women are naturally obsessed about. The hairstyle depends on the dress code, and of course on the type of event. Women have the chance to express their style in a bold flamboyant manner.

Party hairstyles

On a Disney themed party you might want to go with Cinderella’s blond bun, for all the other Disney princesses to envy. If you are going to celebrate Halloween, pick white color for your wig and dress as either a French Queen, or a sexy Ghost woman, with heavy black make up. To that add long black nails and stilettos ornamented with a skull and graveyard thorns.

On a rave party the hairstyles are rather liberal. You can put brocade on your sleek black hair, you can tie purple feathers on your long brown hair, you can adorn with beads and all kinds of color sprays. As long as it’s shiny and unusual it goes for a rave party.

Goa psychedelic style is something really different. It borrows its hair style from reggae icon Bob Marley and it is applied by all the crazy women, who have gotten a divine revelation. Music is inside them.

Party hairstyles prom

Women do their hair on parties, guys also doll up a little. So here is an advice for guys: Kizomba – do not wear a sweaty shirt with opened buttons and protruding belly, if you are a hairy old man who hasn’t been laid – and do not tell girls – now you have to press your body strongly against my body, for they will run away every time.

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Salsa. The very name makes your mouth water. It’s passion without restriction and it looks best when the women toss their hair to the side during a break move. You should avoid wearing things that can interweave with the hair, for chances are you might get hurt. So let your hair loose, and enjoy the sensual experience.

Cocktails. Your hair is carefully arranged lock by lock. It is slightly wavy and it has got silky softness. You can wear a silver cocktail hat with a flower in your hair. The curling irons have been playing. You have a different self-esteem and different attitude to life.

Party hairstyles Cocktails

Wedding. Any color will suit that white dress. Bridal hair is all about accessories – they have beads, crystals, tiaras and the like. You can stick butterflies and flowers in your hair. Arrange the curls in a braided bun, add some pearls, or roses, or any garden plant but parsley. Add bright jewels.

Party hairstyles Wedding

Prom. Another party you will remember the entire life time. Usually adolescents have no formed style, which is the reason for looking plain weird with their aunt hairstyles, and the smartest of them cry after the hair-dresser, then wash their hair, put some perfume in and in their natural, youthful beauty conquer the hearts of their classmates.

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