How to apply full coverage foundation

Makeup is very important for almost every girl. By using makeup we can emphasize our features and hide imperfections. It’s often wrongly considered that through makeup girls disguise themselves. This is not true. Sometimes it’s enough to put a little lipstick to feel more confident. Makeup is not a mask; makeup is a tool every women should use. Most of the girls …

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Makeup Tips for Medium Skin

Different skin complexions require different makeup styles. You should consider this general beauty rule if you want to preserve your amazing natural look with some colorful improvements or to establish a magnetic appearance for a more special occasion. In both cases though, things like best lipstick for medium skin, special advices for fair complexion and ideas for making dark skin look …

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Perfect Office Makeup – Mission Possible!

Tired of being watched suspiciously and disapprovingly in the office? Well, don’t panic; this isn’t due to your bad behavior or incapability to cope with your professional duties! Probably, the problem is neither in your skills, nor in your character! Have you considered that maybe you just aren’t wearing the proper makeup at work? Now, you can get rid of this problem …

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Business woman with spectacles

Best hairstyles for female glasses-wearers

In past, diopter glasses were something most females felt really embarrassed wearing. Thankfully, with the emo and hipster fashion styles that have introduced the trend, wearing glasses has made its way on the big fashionista stage. Regardless of your situation – you do need diopter glasses or you just love adding them to your smart outfit – there is something you need …

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Glamour and Brilliance in Your New Year’s Eve Outfit

The ultimate party girl has several significant occasions during the year when she must be totally outstanding and in a fantastic style. Beside the personal birthday party, as well as the exotic holiday vacation outfit, she needs to consider the New Year’s Eve look very wisely and attentively. The hot New Year’s Eve party brings the best fancy outfits ever …

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Accessorize Your New Year’s Eve Outfit with Fancy Style

Finding the most impressive and attractive dress for the New Year’s Eve party isn’t the only duty a true fashionista has. On the contrary – getting the best outfit for the holiday is just the base you need to start from. All the rest must be strictly matched and perfectly combined when it comes to similar patterns, designs and styles. …

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Give Your Awesome Manicure Some Christmas Spirit

Christmas spirit has conquered the world for the last few days! It’s on the shop windows, in the sparkling festive views from people’s homes and even in fashion. Indeed, it has become quite popular to get dressed and have makeup in a magical Christmas style. So, if you love this idea, consider having an original, emblematic and long-lasting Christmas themed manicure. Check …

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