My Sweet Bohemian Summer – Fashion and Clothing Style Tips


The last thing many women want to do during summer time is to find difficulties in walking, running and having time in those inconvenient shoes, clothes and clothing styles in general. Let’s face it – summer is for relaxation, even when it comes to what you wear and how you dress up. Due to all of these, let me tell you about my personal summer fashion choice. Let me tell you the story of my sweet Bohemian summer. See the best casual and Bohemian-style fashion and clothing tips right away!

1. Stick to earthy tones


Bohemian fashion style clothing is not only about the convenience, but also about the closeness to Mother nature, to the deepest human spots in our souls, to infinity… So, earthy tones are just right for the occasion. However, keep it feminine and do not go too far with grey, green and khaki. Do not forget that yellow is also an awesome earthy tone!

2. Shoes must be comfy!


OK, it doesn’t mean you need to throw all the high heels away. On the contrary – those extra thick heels are superb and your wedge sandals are also amazing and ideal for a Bohemian fashion style for the hot summer. Ankle boots from real leather and are fantastic – especially in a combo with a pair of high-waist denim shorts!

3. Ethnic motives are the coolest!


Ethnic motives and those taken from the national costumes of different cultures and nations are the inspiration sources for designers who create Bohemian-style clothes. Last but not least, originality and design clothes are typical for Bohemian summer style!

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4. Materials to wear


Rely on lace and light textiles. However, denim and suede are also classical for Bohemian style. Leather is another option you need to consider – and not only for the shoes, but also for awesome shorts and why not even tops? Last but not least, the everyday Bohemian style for summer is usually oriented either to silk – if your job requires elegant dress code – or 100% cotton.

5. Retro awesomeness!


Bring past in your style, but breathe in some new life into it. If you find your mother’s favorite dress from her youth, you’re lucky. Any weird cuts-off you see in the store, they must be yours. And something else – visiting a second hand shop is an even better idea if you want to go deeper in your Bohemian fashion style.

6. Layering – the Bohemian style philosophy


Those who do not understand Bohemian fashion style will say that women simply wear everything they have at once. However, this art is called layering and only few girls are actually able to perform it well!

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