Makeup Tricks for Brighter Whiter Eyes


Do you own a white eye liner pencil? Hopefully you do, if you do not now is the time to get it. Making your eyes look brighter and whiter will enhance your overall youthful appearance. Studies have shown that the wide eyed look is associated with youth. Getting the look is easy. All you need is a few items: Concealer, White or light pink eye shadowWhite eyeliner. Highlighting is what it is all about. You are going to use your concealer and your eye shadow to lift your eyes and make them pop. The white eyeliner is going to be used to enhance the whites of your eyes.

First things First


First you are going to open your eyes way up by doing a few simple things. You are going to use your concealer to create an even palette. Spread the concealer around your entire eye lid and in the corners by your nose. Let the concealer sit for a few minutes to dry in.

Next Let’s Raise Those Eyebrows Up


Most people know to highlight the brow bone (right under the eyebrow in the arch area) with a light shade of eye shadow like white or a very light pink. Under the brow is a great place to start but you can do more by adding a line of highlighter (white eye liner or light colored eye shadow) above the arch of the brow as well. Using a white liner or some light eye shadow to highlight above the brow will give your brow an instant lift and make your eyes look whiter and brighter.

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Use Your Shadow


When you get ready to whiten your eyes you should start in the corner of the eye where you will put some light colored eye shadow (the corner by your nose). This will brighten and widen your eyes. You can sweep the shadow out some very close to the eye lash line (when you plan on using eyeliner make the line a little thicker so that you can put on the liner and still have a little white peeking out above the line).

Now For the Pencil


Making your eyes look whiter and brighter can happen just by taking a white eyeliner and lining the interior of your lids. You do not have to line the entire eye you can do just the corners on either side. A simple partial line of white by your nose and one by the outer corner of your eyes will give your eyes that youthful wide eyed pop when you combine it with the other tricks in this article.


Another way you can get whiter and brighter looking eyes is by using light purple eye shadow (especially if your eyes are brown). The contrast will be enough to make your eyes look white and bright. A shot of eye drops in tired weary eyes can also help to get some of the red out and make your eyes look more alert. Your brighter whiter eyes will frozen some heart!

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