Makeup Tips for Medium Skin

Different skin complexions require different makeup styles. You should consider this general beauty rule if you want to preserve your amazing natural look with some colorful improvements or to establish a magnetic appearance for a more special occasion. In both cases though, things like best lipstick for medium skin, special advices for fair complexion and ideas for making dark skin look more radiant and pure should be taken under consideration. And since we’ve mentioned the medium complexion, let’s list some makeup tips for medium skin.

1. Be careful when you put accents to your complexion

Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

To avoid too fake look of your skin, be careful with the blush and foundation powder choice. Even though you are not too pale and fair, you still cannot afford to purchase foundations and concealers by chance.

Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

On the contrary – it’s not only the problematic or fair skin that requires extra attention in such beauty product selection. If you have medium skin, you’re actually in the middle of nowhere because you must choose a foundation that’s neither too fair, nor too dark.

Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

However, medium skins look fabulous with brown or beige blush. Also, unlike ladies with pale skin, golden blush suits you.

2. Best lipstick for medium skin

Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

Almost all kinds of nuances are OK for your lips in case your skin is medium. What you should avoid, though, is pink and nude shades since they’ll infuse with your skin complexion and eventually you’ll look paler than you are.

Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

However, the classical red lips are just right for you. We strongly recommend it for your everyday or office smart appearance.

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Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

The truth is that medium skin allows a woman not to apply too much makeup on her face to freshen up herself and a bright red nuance could be completely enough. On the other hand, plum and peach lipsticks are super cute and attractive for special occasions, parties and nights out with your friends or your beloved person.

Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

Make sure you’re bold enough to improvise and try and add some orange nuance to your lips and see if your personal medium skin shade looks OK with it.

3. What shades to add to the best lipstick for medium skin

Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

Lipstick is not the only product that must bring some color to your medium skin complexion.

Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

Beside it, you must consider your eye shadows, as well as the manicure.

Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

You can always polish your nails in the same color as your favorite and best lipstick for medium skin. However, eye shadows you can try might be not so bright, but mostly brown, chocolate, beige, grey or dark blue.

Makeup Tips for Medium Skin -

You can improvise with some green and purple shades for a night out, but better avoid it for your everyday appearance, because they’ll be too notable on your outstanding and natural medium skin complexion!

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