Makeup Mistakes, You Were Making Unknowingly

Wearing makeup is something that every girl feels is natural to them; some girls wouldn’t dare step out without a tiny hint of makeup like a little dash of lipstick, or a slight color on their cheeks. But what some girls fail to do so is that actually consider the fact that they are making some tiny mistakes which affect the overall result. Minute details that are neglected are often those which create a lasting impression. Here are some makeup mistakes that you were making unknowingly:


cohl makeup mistakes

Kohl is really pretty, especially the dark ones. It has been used over the years by prominent names to make a statement, Cleopatra used it to enhance her eyes, and Elizabeth Taylor is known for the kohl she used. Overdose of kohl can lead your natural eyes to somehow be shielded by them. Always understand your eye shape and then apply kohl. If you’re applying kohl on the inside of your bottom waterline then make sure that the eyeliner on the upper lid is thin, or in case of a winged eyeliner, it isn’t too dramatic. Always always remember to apply kohl on the upper lash line no matter what, it gives your eyes that fuller look.

Bold Lipstick

Bold Lipstick makeup mistakes

A bright, bold lipstick can give you an instant confidence boost, but choosing a color that doesn’t suit you can do the opposite. Choose a color that you’re comfortable with. As pretty as a bright red seems, it doesn’t suit everyone. You can choose a darker shade of red like rouge. Make sure that you use a lip pencil to give a more outlined look and then apply your lipstick. Do not, I repeat do not apply a bold color on your lips without a lip liner.

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Eyelash Galore

Eyelash Galore makeup mistakes

There was a time where fake eyelashes were a thing and the fuller and thicker you made them the more in fashion they looked. But thank god that time is gone. Now it’s all about keeping it natural in that area, use eyelashes in a quantity that would give you a natural look and a fuller look, don’t overdo it. Nowadays you can get lashes which are already cut so you just have to put just chunks on. Invest in those!

Face Powder

face Powder makeup mistakes

This is one product which is not needed by many women. Wearing the right amount can lift up your face but using too much can highlight your wrinkles. As you grow older use as little as possible and always use it on your nose and forehead. Choose a powder that is best for your skin tone.

Shimmer Over Matte

SHIMMER OVER MATTE makeup mistakes

Shimmery eyeshadow does look pretty in their palette but If applied all over the eyelid, can give an unnatural look. Use a matte eyeshadow over your eyelid and blend it really well. Remember blending is the key to great looking makeup. Use the shimmery eyeshadow on the inside of your eye to pop em out!

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