Make Up Gods And Women

Makeup Artists are gods of illusion. They have their own artistic means to manipulate the features and shapes of the woman’s face. In order to do this they must be familiar with the facial structures of women.

By painting one woman on the face of another, the Makeup master alternates the individual features, making them look even more authentic. The Makeup artist is a true painter of the highest sort. He will let you choose between what ranges as burlesque or simplistic.

Make Up Gods

He can make your blue eyes dark blue and green all over, and he can glue a shining blue gem in the corner, so that your eye now looks like a peacock tail. For a less psychedelic, and more formal occasion – the sheer foundation gives the skin the natural appearance you would like to underline your style.
Years ago, foundation was used especially to change the skin color to “rosy glow.” Nowadays Makeup artists apply little or no foundation. Most of them are obsessed with lipstick because of its candy effect. Lipstick comes in many nuances – creamy, sheer, glossy, metallic, matte, penciled, stained. If you haven’t got naturally curved lips – Makeup artists will make them for you, by using powder and a pencil, and their vision of perfection and symmetry.

A respectable woman without makeup feels naked. Her skin has to look unblemished, her blue eyes have to be underlined by heavy black outline, her lipstick should scream “attention.” When the Makeup Artist gets creative – you can look like someone between Barbie, Amelie Pauline and Alice in Wonderland. That means you will wear a different color on every nail, your lips should be glossy pink and bright pink rouge should accentuate your cheeks.

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There are billions of women in the world, each one with her own Makeup Concept. Really there are no rules, as long as the mirror says you are pretty, and you aren’t afraid of being inappropriate. Really good makeup happens when you don’t conform to the traditional rules, but give birth of your own beauty and fashion. Whether you like your flickering eyelashes to look like tarantula legs, or like to wear a blue lipstick, that would suit you only if you were in orbit on a space ship – you woman are free!

Women are most likely to wear makeup on formal occasions.

The Prom Queen

prom makeup

It’s the time of their life span, when straight hair brunettes all want to be curly blondes, and vice versa. There is place in your unruly, still carefully attended by the hairdresser hairstyle for a small shining tiara. Katy Perry would dye her hair purple for the occasion.

The Bride

wedding makeup

All brides are heavenly creatures, and they strive to look angelical. So they stake on the natural, light makeup and their beautiful smiles. They can bear some pink or golden glitter as well, for it is this special occasion. To this add a drop from one of the most expensive floral perfumes and delight in the freshness of your looks.

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