Is There a Way to Fix Your Clumpy Mascara?


Well, this problem is unavoidable and after some time it happens to every mascara. What is actually the problem? When the mascara gets dry, it starts forming lumps which are not really attractive. What you shouldn’t do in this situation is start pumping your mascara in an attempt to get more on the wand, because in this way you’ll only put even more air into the tube and it will dry even faster. The optimal period for replacing your mascara is about four months, but some people, like me, replace it sooner, because I’m always looking for great and perfect results. However, if you want to use your mascara for at least four months, there’s a way to fix the problem when you see that it starts getting dry. Just add one or two drops from any brand of eye drops you may have in hand and rub well the mascara inside the tube with the help of your wand. I personally use Visine, because it softens the mascara so well that it feels like a brand new product.


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