Incredible and Helpful Clothing Ideas for Plump Sexy Ladies

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The previous week was essential for fashion and… rather plump ladies. Exclusive news in Paris put everyone who is keen on fashion in total shock. Paris fashion experts have made a serious decision to stop anorexia. To stop this eating disorder among both models and ordinary women, Paris is about to establish brand new standards that will chase the starving away. No more killing diets and awful restrictions as to our daily menu, because extra skinny ladies will be out of fashion. Due to this news, we’ve decided to pay some attention to plump sexy ladies, too. As a result of this, we’ve prepared a pack of incredible clothing ideas that will suit your preferences and well-padded females.

1.Her majesty, the pencil skirt

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This skirt cut will show the best of your curves and will hide the worst of your body faults. The midi length is a great idea to reduce the attention on your extra kilos and a superb way to look always elegant and sexy. Rely on the optimal black color which is even better to hide the overweight, and in case you want something more original, choose vertical stripes or nuances like dark brown and blue, grey and green.

2.All eyes on the blazer

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If you hate your plump butt and legs, then the attention should go on your outwear. Invest in an outstanding and luxurious fashionable blazer. It will always balance the faults down your body and will fit all kinds of styles and clothing items – from the ordinary smart shirt to the vanguard top with non-standard cut or patterns. Choose a color that you like and that will be easy to be matched with your jeans, skirts and dresses.

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3.Accessorize with wide belt

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If you still envy those skinny girls for their slender waist and delicate silhouette, then, you need a wide belt to balance your overall body curves. Besides being so effective to tighten your belly, it has been also very fashionable these days. Wear the belt with long shirts, casual dresses and tunics to make a fabulous style for work or for your partywear dress code.

4.If it’s a dress, then let it be flared

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Just because you are above 55 kilos, it doesn’t mean you’re forbidden to wear feminine clothes. So, please, don’t punish yourself due to some extra kilos, but simply buy few dresses that, as a matter of fact, can make you look slimmer, as well. However, avoid tightened models, but better choose flared ones. They are sexy and comfy at the same time, while the simple design allows you to choose numerous awesome patterns.

Try these clothing items and match them with your favorite clothes. You’ll be astonished by the final effect!

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