How to apply full coverage foundation

Makeup is very important for almost every girl. By using makeup we can emphasize our features and hide imperfections. It’s often wrongly considered that through makeup girls disguise themselves. This is not true. Sometimes it’s enough to put a little lipstick to feel more confident. Makeup is not a mask; makeup is a tool every women should use.

How to apply full coverage foundation -

Most of the girls with flawless skin cannot understand the need of foundation and do not approve this type of makeup. But unfortunately, we’re not all born with perfect skin and sometimes it’s our skin that can significantly lower our self-esteem. That’s where our good old foundation comes to help. With its help we can hide the imperfections and lower the anxiety our skin causes to us.

How to apply full coverage foundation -

However, there are times when the usual light to middle coverage foundation cannot adequately cover the imperfections. Then we head to the high coverage foundation, which saves us and conceals any pimples.

As in everything else, applying the foundation also requires certain skills and knowledge. You must first choose whether you want to apply the foundation with a brush, a sponge or simply with your fingers. Each of them has its advantages, but fingers are not particularly suitable when you want to have more coverage. The makeup sponge is maybe the best decision you can take, but you just have to try and see what works best for your skin.

How to apply full coverage foundation -

One of the most important things when applying foundation no matter of its coverage is to choose the right shade for your skin. It’s extremely unflattering to put a darker foundation on your skin. It creates a mask effect. Perhaps the better option is lighter foundation, but it’s strictly individual. It’s also good because it makes the redness and the pimples invisible.

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How to apply full coverage foundation -

You can choose the most suitable color of the foundation by going to the store and placing a small amount of the tester of the foundation on your jaw line and exit the store to see how it looks in daylight. The jaw line is the part of your skin where you can best decide whether the shade of the foundation suits you or not.

You can also tell if it looks unflattering.

The full coverage foundation evens out the skin and creates a flawless effect. Especially if you have freckles, like the girl on the picture below, the full coverage foundation will help you hide them.

There are numerous shades of foundations that can match any skin. A great tip for people with unusual skin shade that can barely find a proper shade is to mix and match two or more foundations in order to find the perfect shade. Do not be scared to experiment to find your perfect shade.

As a conclusion I want to make a little disclaimer that we’re not in any way trying to make you wear high coverage foundation. If you’re comfortable and happy with the way your skin looks, you don’t have to put any foundation.

How to apply full coverage foundation -

It’s a personal choice that everybody can individually make.

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