How to Add Some Individuality to Your Fashion Style?


We live in a world where everyone imitates someone. Everything in life is a copy paste scheme that we follow strictly – the way we work in the office, the way we spend money and even the way we dress. This might be OK to some of you, but I’m 100% sure that I’m not the only person who just cannot cope with this situation. There’s a big chance for you to want to distinguish – at least with an appearance that’s different from the appearances we see everyday at the bus station, at the office and in the bar. Due to all of these, I’ve decided to give you some hints and directions as to how to add some individuality to your fashion style.

1. Consider what you like and what your favorite things are


Instead of following the fashion rules, better follow your heart. What I mean is, try to figure out what you feel well in. Is this a dress that keeps your feminine look or some more masculine approach like wide pants, tight jeans or something else? It’s a cool idea to find a nuance that you like at most and show it all the time in your fashion style. For instance, if you’re fond of purple, then always wear purple elements or at least add some accent in purple.

2. Why not making your own clothes?


The web is full of awesome and super gorgeous DIY fashion projects. They explain in details how to make your own cropped top, how to turn an ordinary T-shirt into a skirt or even better – how to make a brand new dress without even going to a professional tailor. You can try some of these projects to guarantee yourself that no one will have the clothes you have. And this is what individuality is!

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3. Express yourself


A woman becomes an individual in her style the moment she understands how to express herself. This sounds harsh, but everyone can achieve it. Here are some simple examples for you to understand what I mean. If you’re more of a romantic, kind and sweet type, then French designers, girlish clothes and cute accessories are for you. On the other side, if you’re more of a closed person, who is mostly mysterious and a bit weird, then you need to test something more retro with dark shades and cool eccentric jewels. It’s all about your soul and how it can match your outer look!


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