How to Achieve the False Eyelash Look


When you want to use false eyelashes, you’re aware of the fact that it takes much time and great patience to put them. But there is no need to do all this to yourself. In order to avoid all this hassle, you can use the few tips below that will help you achieve this look without actually putting on false eyelashes.

  1. First you need to curl your lashes. The second step is to apply a thin layer of powder. For this purpose I use my blending brush to make a gentle movement on the top and the bottom of my eyelashes. Some people use baby powder for this step, but according to me, they both have the same result in the end.

  2. Now is the time to apply some mascara on the bottom and top side of the eyelashes. You should apply two coats, but you need to wait about four-five minutes between the two layers, because otherwise you can get clumps, which is not cute at all.

  3. Here you need to know that you should move your mascara wand from the base of your eyelashes, up to the top, and during the movement, you have to go back and forth slowly. The eyelashes are entirely covered with mascara with the left and right movement.

  4. And the last step is to check if there are any gaps in your lashes. If there are, use the tip of the wand so that you apply some mascara on the individual lashes.

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  1. This was so helpful ??

    • yeah really good! I will have a try later on. no falsch lashes, thats the one (not only of course) my eyelashes are quite long. I use a shine for the lashes mainly. of course smokey I like. it muss not be black. blue, dark green even sunny coulors lilke orange citrus grey. so know i’ll stop typing and wordship yor help. thanks marisa

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