Hairstyles: Rules You Should Follow If You Want to Look Good

Hairstyles: Rules you Should Follow if you Want to Look Good -

Everybody wants to have beautiful hair – long, straight and silky hair or short punky hair; there are all kinds of hairstyles. Some of us have long hair that we are proud of, some of us have short hair that is also something we love. Our hairstyle depends on our taste and on we want to look like.

Your hair can be in many different colors, whether it is dyed or natural. Most of the people have blond, brown or red hair. If you’ve decided to change your hairstyle, there are things you should know and rules you should follow if you want to look good.

First of all, you should determine the shape of your face, because what hairstyle suits you most depends on your face shape.

For example, let’s first discuss people with round faces like the one on the picture below.

Hairstyles: Rules you Should Follow if you Want to Look Good -

The girl on the picture is the perfect example of a person with round face. As you can already tell by the picture, she has short haircut. That’s one of the hairstyles that suit that kind of people. The short haircut makes you look fresher and is perfect if you are skinnier than you want to. Also, it’s the right choice for people with round faces who want to embrace that feature of theirs.

Hairstyles: Rules you Should Follow if you Want to Look Good -

On this picture you can see the stunning Mila Kunis. She is rocking a long haircut which suits her very well. She also has round face shape but she has chosen to make it look more elongated and slimmer by leaving her hair longer. The conclusion is that both short and long hair suit the people with oval faces and it’s a matter of choice which of them you’ll choose.

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The next face category we’re going to talk about is that of the elongated faces. That kind of face shape is widely spread so there are millions of people having it. That’s why we’re going to talk about the hairstyles that suit these people.

Hairstyles: Rules you Should Follow if you Want to Look Good -

On the picture above we can see a woman with an elongated face and a long hairstyle. Our personal opinion is that people with elongated faces should not have long hair because it makes their faces look even longer. Of course, if you like yourself that way and this optic illusion doesn’t bother you then you can rock that hairstyle with no shame. But if you have that kind of face shape and you are bothered, we’ll show you a hairstyle that suits your face shape perfectly.

Hairstyles: Rules you Should Follow if you Want to Look Good -

This is the hairstyle that would suit you best. The short hair complements your face shape and balances the overall appearance. So, if you’re not one of the very rare exceptions out there, you’ll look better with shorter hair.

No matter what you do with your hair, remember one thing – have fun and be creative.

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