Fashion Rules We Learnt From Red Carpet At Cannes 2015

Fashion Rules We Learnt From Red Carpet

Red carpet might not be the best arena for clothing ideas to steal, but it is definitely an awesome teacher for every fashionlista. Indeed, the red carpet outfits are either too formal, or just too much, but the trends it shares with ordinary women and girls are priceless. Speaking of the red carpet, Cannes is by all means our favorite location to screen it! Recently, the 2015 year edition of Cannes Film Festival gathered the most beautiful and most talented people from all over the glamorous and fame world. All of them have shown lots of grace and of course – even more fashion trends to consider in your own style. Find out now the fashion rules we learnt from red carpet at Cannes 2015!

1. Sunny yellow rocks!

Fashion Rules We Learnt From Red Carpet

This colour is probably not only the colour of summer 2015, but of the entire year. We do not even understand why someone has decided to make the purple-red-brown Marsal to become the colour of the year, when fashion is literally blurred and blinded with sunny yellow! And it surely rocks – either in an elegant look like those of Charlize Theron and the sweetly pregnant Noemie Lenoir, or like any awesome hot dress or set of a top and cool skirt.

2. Flowers are the classical decoration ornaments

Fashion Rules We Learnt From Red Carpet

Even though we have already known that, this year`s red carpet at Cannes made us understand that no geometrical or abstract figures will ever replace floral ornaments. Flowers are put on pedestal for both – contemporary new fashion designers and legendary brands like Marchesa and Zuhair Murad, who dressed up Fan Bingbing and Michelle Rodriguez.

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3. Women are now allowed to wear …

Fashion Rules We Learnt From Red Carpet

Moreover – elegant women, whose role in life is either representative or in fashion, are allowed to wear flats. This is a fact that has finally made our day! Finally we can wear sneakers or flat shoes with dresses. This trend, by the way, is blessed and confidently introduced by Cate Blanchett. To be more specific as to this case, though, the truth is that flats are parts of Cannes Festival bans (the other thing is selfie, which explains the stupidity of these rules anyway…). However, even though Cate Blanchett was rejected to enter the premiere of Carol and she was made to put on heels, the whole world has found out about this case. And the result is clear – designers, bloggers and fashionlistas from all around the world said it – flats are ok, ladies – as a protest.

4. Wild and different designs still bite!


Yet, the originality beats up even the most expensive precious materials or extra delicate textiles. The more a fashion dress is weird, the more you grab the attention. There were many cases at Cannes that have proven that, but you should also agree – different and unique are always cool!

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