Don’t know what to wear on the Christmas party? Check out our suggestions!

Christmas holiday brings that fuss which forces you to make hundreds of decisions at once! Firstly, the presents, then the organization of the festive night, then the budget, till the last minute comes and you have nothing to wear! Well, this could actually ruin your entire evening – especially if you’re a true fashionista and you do care for your perfect appearance! So, if you haven’t any idea what to wear on your Christmas party, relax and check out our great and helpful suggestions!

1. Leave silver aside, it’s time for golden Christmas!

Leave aside the silver, it`s time for golden Christmas!

We do understand how much you love those cute pair of silver high-heel boots – especially in a combo with the little black dress that comes with grey and silver shimmers.

However, Christmas 2014 needs something else! The time for gold and golden ornaments has come and Christmas Eve is the best occasion to try something new – more expensive, more luxurious and what is best, more attractive.

Leave aside the silver, it`s time for golden Christmas!

Besides, Christmas decoration and theme suits the golden appearance more than silver, doesn’t it? Try a glamorous long dress in gold! If you want to skip the boring common festive style in a dress, simply wear some skinny jeans or hot pants with a tunic in gold and black!

Accessorize with golden gems, of course, and look for classier shoes!

2. Get yourself in a thematic Christmas spirit+outfit

Get yourself in a thematic Christmas spirit+outfit

The tradition to dress up thematically on the very Christmas Eve or even on a hot party will never go out of fashion.

Get yourself in a thematic Christmas spirit+outfit

So, you can take the benefit of this trend and become a real Snow white.

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Get yourself in a thematic Christmas spirit+outfit

Choose something fancy, stylish and elegant, but girlish. Of course, the blue princess-style dress in pastel nuance with a mantle in furry white could be a superb idea.

Get yourself in a thematic Christmas spirit+outfit

Also, add some red to your outfit to put an accent on your love to Christmas tradition. A brilliant red dress or a gorgeous burgundy blazer could go lovely with a set of genuine leather shoes, purse and gloves!

3. Awesome homey styles!

Christmas outfit

Naturally, some of you will prefer to arrange the Christmas party at home! After all, Christmas is a family holiday and it’s completely logical to prefer the sweet home to any luxury restaurant. What makes it difficult for you in this situation is keeping the balance between feeling flexible and movable to treat your guests and look as the most elegant host! We suggest you to put the main festive accent on your top – bright color, interesting pattern or original design – in a combination with a cute warm and fluffy cardigan. Another idea we have thought of is to match your favorite vanguard skirt in flared cut – to be able to move along your house – and a smart shirt, sexy blouse or Vintage-styled blazer!

We hope your outfit won’t be the only outstanding thing on the Christmas party, but your experience will be fantastic!

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