Delicate and Natural Make Up Colours for Young Ladies

make up colours

Young women often experiment with bold and outrageous make up styles, but that can be a mistake – heavy or dramatic make up can wipe away the natural beauty and glow of youthful skin. By choosing delicate and natural make up colours, young women can highlight their positive features without masking them.

make up colours

The first step for most young women is foundation. If you have good skin, consider using a sheer foundation or even just a tinted moisturizer, to allow the natural beauty of your skin to show through. If you have acne-prone skin, you may need a moisturizer with more coverage, but whatever you choose, make sure the colour blends seamlessly with your skin tone. If you have a few blemishes or spots or circles under your eyes, use a concealer that blends well into your makeup to disguise any undesirable features.A blush in a soft pink or peach tone suits most young women. Blush can make your face look more defined and healthy, so don’t skip this step even when you’re going for a natural look.

make up colours

On the lips, choose a lip colour close to your natural lip colour. (This could range from nude to blush pink or even slightly red.) Again, for a youthful look, go for the least coverage you can – choose a lip gloss or stain over a heavy matte lipstick.

make up colours

On the eyes, less is definitely more. You should choose natural skin tones for eye shadow, and instead of using thick, dark eyeliner, smudge a line of darker eye shadow across the lids of your eyes. This looks more natural and youthful. Choose a lengthening mascara that doesn’t bulk up your lashes, and if you have light hair, consider a brown mascara instead of black. The aim is to keep the look as young and fresh as possible.

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make up colours

When it comes to eyebrows, thick is in. (Think of model-of-the-moment Cara DeLivinge.) Don’t over-pluck your brows, as this will make you look instantly older. Simply clear away strays from your natural brow line and fill in any gaps with a brow gel or eyeliner pencil in a colour that matches your eyebrows.

make up colours

Now that you have a perfect, natural and delicate look for your face, don’t ruin it by going over-the-top with your hair. Skip the big-haired blowout for a more natural “wash and wear” look – if you can let your hair dry naturally, that’s perfect. If you must use a blow dryer, use it only to dry your hair, not tease it or add volume to it.


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