Short Nails Can Get Awesome Manicure, Too!


If you think that manicure means extra large and sharp nails, you’re wrong. To tell you the truth, according to a latest research, males claim that long nails scare them to hell, while midi or even short nails that are well maintained are much more beautiful and exquisite on the delicate female hand. So, instead of being a today’s fashion slave, better …

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Marble Manicure – Step by Step

Picture 1

Marble manicure is an amazing nail art which doesn’t require any special skills or techniques. Every woman can do it at home and the result will be incredible. You can use any nail polish you like, and you can mix your favorite colors. All you have to do is use your imagination, and at the end you’ll be surprised how easy …

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French Manicure

Picture 1

There’s no doubt that French manicure is one of the most beautiful nail arts. It goes perfectly well with almost every outfit. It’s the perfect choice for your workplace, or for an important event. However, we don’t always have the time and the money to visit a professional nail artist. To do it by yourself, you need to be very patient …

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All the Latest Manicure Trends at One Place


Manicure, even though part of the overall makeup conception for a greater highlight of your natural look, is yet an individual part of your style. This makes it important for any lady to consider the manicure trends separately from the makeup field. Speaking of which, we have already discussed with you the current spring 2015 makeup rules, so let’s overview the …

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Give Your Awesome Manicure Some Christmas Spirit


Christmas spirit has conquered the world for the last few days! It’s on the shop windows, in the sparkling festive views from people’s homes and even in fashion. Indeed, it has become quite popular to get dressed and have makeup in a magical Christmas style. So, if you love this idea, consider having an original, emblematic and long-lasting Christmas themed manicure. Check …

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