Long Dresses For The Summer Season


Long dresses match your long tresses fine and are the perfect fashionable solution for women in the summer. The summer is the only season with no care in the world, when the sun is shining merrily and you want to doll up in daring, bright colors. Here come the dresses with exotic female names, with different patterns of painted silk. …

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Make Up Gods And Women


Makeup Artists are gods of illusion. They have their own artistic means to manipulate the features and shapes of the woman’s face. In order to do this they must be familiar with the facial structures of women. By painting one woman on the face of another, the Makeup master alternates the individual features, making them look even more authentic. The …

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What Makeup Conception Suits Your Female Personality?


According to researches, even though fashion, blogs, TV shows and celebrities do influence women and their choice for makeup, every single female has her own style when it comes to eye shadows, lipsticks and mascara application technique. Thus, scientists have found out that different female personalities correspond to different ways of makeup application and style. Do you know, though, what …

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Makeup Products to Avoid!


Did you know that 55% of today’s makeup products are extremely toxic and dangerous? And what do you think of all those beauty products we buy from the store, put them directly on our faces and then wonder why our skin looks so weird recently? All these makeup and beauty products are actually products you should avoid! See the list …

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7 Products You Must Have for the Summer


In this hot and exciting season, it’s very important to keep your skin protected from the sunbeams. You should wear less makeup because in this hot weather you sweat, and imagine the picture of a sweating face with foundation. It’s very important to find a proper replacement for the makeup products for your face and skin. I’m going to show you 7 products …

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