Ponytails – Cutest Ideas Ever That Will Get You Comfy and Cool Hairstyles!


When it comes to a comfy and attractive hairstyle idea, ponytail seems to smash the competition. Ideal for midi and long hairs, this hairstyle conception has always been in fashion and super convenient for your dynamic routines and busy office lifestyle. Moreover, the best thing about ponytails is that they usually look great on all kinds of hair shades and …

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What Hairstyle to Choose to Remain Blond, But Not to Look Like a Dumb Doll?


Recently, we’ve discovered that blond chicks are back in fashion. At first we wanted to applaud, because finally naturally blond girls would stop making that ultra black (with lots of blue shades) disasters to their hairs (and scalps, too!). Then, however, another thought crossed our minds. Blondes? Seriously? Are we going to look at those extra curly baby dolls again on every single …

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How to Make Your Hair Grow


Hair, just like every other part of our body, needs constant care. In fact, hair grows about half an inch per month. You’ve seen many products that promise to make your hair longer and stronger. But in order to achieve your wish, you need to pay more attention to your hair and put it under the right treatment. One of …

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