Boho Chic Summer Hairstyles – Ideas, Guides and Tips


Boho chic is one of the most popular fashion styles these days. Only women who are more matured or who are keen on retro stuff are aware that this style is not new at all. On the contrary – it represents the hippie idea from the 70s, as well as the careless look of a woman who is amazing even in rags and tatters. However, we’re not going to talk about clothes and clothing today, but about hairstyles. Check out our best ideas, guides and tips for boho chic hairstyles.

1. Forget about elegance and straightened hair


These hairstyles have nothing to do with the best boho chic summer hairstyles. On the contrary – you need to be careless, wavy and even messy. Moreover, if you’re considering changing your color, know that boho chic looks amazingly well on a sunny blond hair shade, as well on all brown and light chocolate or cappuccino nuances. However, forget about those extra artificial black and grey-blond shades. Boho chic is about leisure and Bohemian style, there’s no place for fake conceptions.

2. Curls, waves, mess!


These three things appear in all boho chic summer hairstyles. Some girls prefer larger curls, but others do not even bother with curling. Ordinary messy hairstyle fixed up with foam is completely enough.

3. Typical add-ons for boho chic hairstyle


Knots, braids and all kinds of switches and stretches on your hair are typical add-ons for boho chic hairstyles. Have in mind that all of these cool ideas might be also mixed at one hairstyle without even bothering that it will be too much. Boho chic fashion style is all about too much, but presented in a charming casual way.

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4. Hair accessories are a must!


Here are the main details in any boho chic hairstyle. Accessories might range, but the headband crossing your forehead is a real classic. In many cases, it’s just an ordinary textile headband, but if you choose hem or linen, you’ll get the same awesome effect. Consider colorful slings, as well as flowers. Flowers are symbols of hippie culture and you definitely can add them to your appearance. Floral clothing is OK, but a floral hairstyle conception is not a bad idea either. Ribbons made of textile are also cool, and bunny ears could fit the boho chic style, as well!


Enjoy summer in a most casual and leisure way – with a superb boho chic appearance! Be funky and hippie, be awesome!

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