Astonishing Makeup Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day -

Makeup is highly essential and important for women today. Some ladies cannot even go out shopping without putting some refreshing powder on their faces and some proper mascara and nice eyeliner. But there are several events and occasions when makeup becomes a very important procedure that should be performed in a most precise way. Because even though makeup is not everything, it’s always significant for the better and more charming look of a woman. As to the occasions we’ve mentioned, today we’ll speak about the most important one among them – the big wedding day. See our incredible guide with astonishing makeup tips that will suit even the most pretentious tastes and preferences for the big Wedding day!

1.The complexion procedure

Wedding Day -

If you had no free time to visit solariums and you’re a big enemy of the double layer of foundation on your face (and you should be on your wedding day, because this white dress will not survive with a cheap orange mask on your skin), better give yourself some proper spray tan. The application is quite easy and you can even do it on your own at home. Still, even though with gorgeous complexion, do not skip the foundation. Apply some light shimmering product or simply go for a matte powder in a combo with amazing and fresh (pink or natural) blush on your cheeks!

2.Primer for long-lasting results

Wedding Day -

Whether you prefer powders or foundation, the application of a makeup primer is a must. It will not only help your face look faultless and blemish-free, but will make the eye last longer. Have in mind that the makeup primer will also reduce the fine lines or the pimps and will make your face look like porcelain, which will entirely suit to your flattering and princess-like wedding dress.

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3.Prefer classical nuances

Wedding Day -

Don’t forget that this is your wedding, and not a club party or a birthday event. So, you’d better choose pink, beige or grey for your eye shadows and common red or rich pink for the lips. The more natural you look, the better your wedding photos will be. Do not rely on the professional photographer that much, because not everyone is so skilful to reduce the redness from your face or to make your eyes look wider. So, make your eyes look wider with an eye liner and some luxurious mascara and your lips plumped with some good and soft lipstick.

4.Eyebrow consideration

Wedding Day -

You might not use any eyebrow pencils in your everyday makeup or even in your evening style, but your wedding day will require it. By putting an accent on each of your face parts and zones, the makeup will look complete and natural. In case you have fair complexion, choose lighter eyebrow pencil – brown – and if you are more of a chocolate-type girl, better use the ordinary black pencil.

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