All the Latest Manicure Trends at One Place

All The Latest Manicure Trends At One Place -

Manicure, even though part of the overall makeup conception for a greater highlight of your natural look, is yet an individual part of your style. This makes it important for any lady to consider the manicure trends separately from the makeup field. Speaking of which, we have already discussed with you the current spring 2015 makeup rules, so let’s overview the manicure field now. See all the latest manicure trends for this season at one place.

1.The Half-Shaped Manicure

All The Latest Manicure Trends At One Place -

In most cases it is either a decoration, or a dot – blurred or hollow – that is half drawn. The unfinished look creates an accent on the imperfection as a charming conception that meanwhile reduces that annoying baby-doll effect. Simple and quick, this manicure style can be easily done by a friend of yours, so you can even save some money from the expensive beauty salons.

2.The Glamorous 3D Effect

All The Latest Manicure Trends At One Place -

Many of this spring’s runway fashion shows gave us a fantastic glance at best models’ nails, because in many cases they appeared to replace even the most basic accessories such as bracelets, watches or rings. 3D effects are mostly in surrealistic and abstract designs. Moreover – they haven’t been that bold ever before – lots of shining pieces, crystals, overall stuck up ornaments and motives to admire!

3.Curving in Shapes

All The Latest Manicure Trends At One Place -

Nails have become total mysteries these days. They come into brilliantly shaped figures and apart from their inner patterns they have stunning curves. By curving we mean non-traditional cuts all over the nail, which usually ends up with a sharp edge. Asymmetric shapes get the attention immediately, but we have to be honest – such manicure is quite hard to be maintained, except for building it up with UV gelish products.

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4.Fresh and Bright Girlish Nails

All The Latest Manicure Trends At One Place -

The fresher your nuance, the better! It’s spring time after all and it’s all about the lovely brightness. Moreover – current manicure trends let you avoid any complex shapes or decorations, because a super cute baby-like pink or an impressive Reseda + yellow combo is completely enough to be in fashion this season.

5.Simple Classicism

All The Latest Manicure Trends At One Place -

Classical short cut-off in flat shape are those manicure ideas that have come back from the practical past of ours. Moreover – beige and skin-like nuances are quite interesting with their cooperation with shades like light blue, white or even grey. Use either one neutral color or combine two traditional nail nuance choices to return into the old retro days, when abundance and overdoing were not used that much in manicure building.

Use these superb manicure trends to fit in this 2015 spring season! Do not forget to match your nail shades with your face makeup colors, as well as with the accessories or even with your purse!

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  1. There is a purple very chrome looking polish on Pinterest does anyone know where to purchase it? Please advise would love to get some

  2. Thanks for collecting these trends in one place, I love to know about these. 🙂 I was thinking about trying out 3D nail styles, they can look really good in my opinion.

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