How To Get The Best Results From Your Hair Stylist

You want to switch up your look and change up your tresses, there’s even a particular look you have in mind and have your heart set on, but as soon as you are sitting in your hairdresser’s chair, you feel overwhelmed and stumble over your words. You end up leaving a few hours later with a style you absolutely hate, convincing yourself that you can fix everything at home with a box of hair dye; and if that fails, you’re left with a floppy hat.

Ladies, it doesn’t have to be this way! Follow our steps and learn how to communicate with your hair stylist effectively to get the best results and most enjoyable experience. Life’s too short to have bad hair.

Here are some tips on how you can get the results you want from your hair stylist:

Use Clip-in hair extensions.

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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words.

Have a particular look in mind? Rather than attempting to articulate your desired look with words to your hair stylist that can all too easily be misinterpreted, gather up some pictures to take along with you to your appointment. One person’s copper is another person’s orange. Cut out pictures from magazines, pin styles you love on Pinterest, or screenshot Instagram photos. The most helpful images are going to show the style from several angles not just from the front – find images of the sides and back of the hair too. Take these images with you to your next hair appointment so that your hairdresser or hair stylist can have the best possible chance of knowing exactly what look you want to achieve.

A good hair stylist will study your hair type and base colouring before discussing how possible or impossible it is to achieve that look. They should talk you through all the steps it will take, before they even mix colour or pick up a pair of scissors

Give Clear Instructions & Be Flexible.

Don’t describe the length you want cut off with “just a little trim”. Physically indicate with your fingers on your hair just how much length you wish to have cut from your hair – that way both you and your hairdresser are on the same page. Tell your hairdresser precisely where you want your layers to begin, how you want your fringe to sit, and if you want thinning scissors used or not.

It’s important that you clarify your hair care routine with your hair stylist or hairdresser prior to undergoing any change. If you don’t have time each day to fuss with your hair, then that high maintenance look you desire may not be practical and your stylist should tell you so.

Ask The Right Questions.

After your hair stylist or hairdresser has run through with you what they will be doing with your hair during your appointment, you may find yourself unfamiliar with some of the terminology used. Don’t be afraid to ask your hairdresser or stylist for clarification. It’s unhelpful to just sit back if you don’t understand something, speak up.

To get the best results possible from your hairdresser or stylist discuss with them topics like which hair colours are most complimentary to your complexion. How often will you need to touch up the colour? How regularly will you need to have your hair trimmed? How do you maintain your colour at home? Ask the right questions and you are far more likely to receive the best results.

Pay Attention.

As tempting as it is to sit back in the chair with a glossy magazine and switch off for a few hours it’s important to still pay attention to what your stylist is doing. Ensure they have remembered what you have asked for. Talk to them, interact with them, and build a relationship. The more you communicate with your hairdresser or stylist the likelier you leave having had a positive experience and are given the hairstyle you are happy with.

Give Helpful Feedback.

A good stylist wants you to leave with having had a positive experience and with great hair – they shouldn’t be offended if you are unsure about what they are doing or ask them a few questions. A great deal of stylists actually enjoy explaining the process to their customers.

Always remember it is your hair and you are a paying customer. Your hairdresser or stylist is providing a service and it’s helpful for them to provide them with feedback. If you are happy with the result,  tell your stylist so and rebook with them on the spot. If, however you don’t like the end result be sure to tell them – even if it’s a few days after your appointment, most hairdressers will fix your hair to your liking free of charge.

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