How to treat blackheads with removals and extractors at home

Skin is the largest and most sensitive organ in the human body, so it attracts microbes and fungi of all kinds. If we do not care for our skin on appropriate way, it will be a source of infection and different issues and problems. As a result, blackheads, acnes, pimples and comedo are common among both the adults and teens. However, noticeable numbers of teens suffer these kinds of blackheads due to different reasons. Before we can offer ways of treatment and prevention of these blackheads, we need to know much about the nature and causes of these skin issues in details.

What causes blackheads and other pimples on the skin?

As its name refers, blackhead is a skin condition that causes small black pimples on the surface of the facial skin. These blackheads are the result of blocking skin pores with impurities and sebum, which refers to a type of skin disorder, uncleaning or hormonal changes.

The sebaceous gland of each pore on the skin is the part that is responsible for producing sebum and natural oils of the skin. In blackhead case, the gland produces excessive oils that blocking the pores with other kind of impurities and dirt.

The basic cause of blackheads is hormonal changes and age. These changes can cause some kind of fluctuation in sebum production of the skin sebaceous glands. However, there are many other reasons that work on motivating the excessive production of skin oils and sebum.

Most noteworthy, hormonal changes reach its peak puberty due to the excessive production of male and female hormones. These hormones drives the skin to produce much sebum and oils as a reflection of teenage.

Second, another factor of blackheads is menstruation, which may reflect another different type of hormonal changes. Some women may suffer the appearance of blackheads and acnes before and after the period. Consequently, the same happens in the critical period of menopause that reflects psychological and biological disorders.

Third, some women use birth control pills that is considered a main factor of blackheads and acnes and the same happens during and after pregnancy.

Fourth, using cosmetics such as make up creams may cause blocking of the skin pores. As well as, excessive sweating of the facial skin, improper shaving, weather changes and medications may block pores, cause blackheads, and different types of acnes.

Ways of treating blackheads and acne

Blackheads are not serious skin condition, so you can treat and manage them at home with some tools or home remedies. You will notice that these blackheads cause no inflammation or redness on the skin surface. As a result, you can remove these heads safely with tools or cosmetic products. Some of these treatments can last for long time, while other treatments will work temporarily and the heads will appear again.

First, topical applications are one of the most effective blackhead treatments, because they have exfoliating effect on the skin surface. These medical ointments or exfoliations contain some medications that can clean and remove blackheads for long time. They have strong vital ingredients that can sterilize the skin pores and moderate oil and sebum production.

Second, using blackhead removal tools at home or at a dermatologist clinic is another way of treatment. A blackhead removal tool kit contains extractors, round and oval loops, which you can press the blackheads with and extract the inside black sebum. With this manual tool, you will have an instant treatment of these blackheads.

However, you will need a cleansing agent after using extractors and loops to sanitize skin pores and prevent future production of excessive oils and sebum. You need to be careful while using these tools, because any improper using of the tools may lead to inflammation and future black spots.

Third, one of the advanced treatments of blackheads and acnes is laser therapy, which depends on specific light to remove these blackheads from their deep ends on the skin. It works on the hidden bacteria and microbes inside the skin pores. Consequently, this light can treat acnes from its roots with the concentration of light beams. Nevertheless, you will need continuous treating sessions to reach the required results.

Fourth, another electronic tool that can remove these blackheads is microdermabrasion or blackhead sucker. This is an electric tool, which uses vacuum system to suck excessive sebum, dirt and impurities inside acnes and blackheads. These tools depend on abrasion light to extract dead skin cells and to exfoliate the outer dermal layer of the skin. In addition, microdermabrasion has exfoliating and massaging effects on the facial skin. The machine increases blood flow on the facial skin that may moderate and manage sebum production.

Fifth, some other treatments will not work well on removing blackheads and acnes. Self-extraction is a common and simple way to remove blackheads at home. However, this method is not a healthy way of treating blackheads, because it lack accuracy and the suitable sanitation.

Using your hands or fingers to extract blackheads can cause inflammation and redness of the facial skin. One of the popular and ineffective ways of treating blackheads is pore stripes. When you stick the strip on your facial skin and then remove it, the surficial head of the pimples will be extracted, while the rest of the blackhead will remain. It means that the sebum and oils of the pores will accumulate again with dirt and other impurities to form acnes and blackheads.

Some people may think that excessive washing may help in removing blackheads and acnes. This idea is not very true. If you use pure water and some ordinary cleansing agents, it will not give you the required results. Nevertheless, using medical cleansing agents and the proper facial washes my help in removing bacteria and other microbes from the surface of the skin.

Most noteworthy, one of the most effective blackhead treatments is using natural plants and medications or natural scraps that work on the surficial bacteria and microbes on the facial skin. They perform well on blackheads as they can moderate the production of sebum and natural oils of the facial skin. They are safe on the skin because they contain natural ingredients. In addition, they are hypo allergic and safe on all types of sensitive skin. These natural remedies are perfect when you use with some other blackhead removal tools.

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