8 Essential Beauty Tools


The beauty industry is constantly trying to sell us the newest and greatest gadget to hit the market. The truth is you don’t need every tool for your beauty regime. There are a number of great tools to keep in your arsenal to make everyday life a little bit easier. Below are the eight essential tools for your beauty routine:

Eyelash Curler.

Only few of us are born with long, lifted and curled lashes. With the aid of a good quality eyelash curler you can boost your lashes right at the roots and give them a curl before applying your mascara. A good quality eyelash curler is great to have on hand when you need to blend false lashes with your natural lashes. Gently squeezing and sandwiching your false and natural lashes together helps press them right into the lash line; and allows a more natural looking seamless application.

Brow Spoolie.

Defined and well groomed brows are a must. Filling in your brows with a little powder, using a pomade/wax product, or drawing in natural looking brow hairs with an eyebrow pencil are all great options to shade and define your brow. A brow spoolie is an essential beauty tool to use daily! By brushing out your brow hair, you can see the areas that need to be filled in, shape the brow into the look you desire, soften any color you have deposited into the brow hair or brush away any mistakes you have made.

Beauty Blender.

The Beauty Blender, which I order with the help of taobao agent, is a great multipurpose beauty tool. The Beauty Blender or soft makeup sponge can apply and blend out both liquid foundation and concealer flawlessly. It can give an airbrushed professional appearance to your base makeup. It’s a great product to absorb excess product for a lighter, streak free finish. It is also brilliant to use for applying other liquid or cream products such as highlighter. Before using the Beauty Blender, simply squeeze the sponge under running water for a few seconds, watch the sponge expand in size, then squeeze out any excess water into some paper towel.


Exfoliating Gloves.

Inexpensive exfoliating bathroom gloves are another essential beauty tool to keep around. Exfoliating gloves are a fantastic way to exfoliate the body and help to remove dry skin or rough patches. Exfoliating gloves are a great way to prep your body before sunless tanner application. They work very well to remove sunless tanner when things begin to look patchy on your body.

Tangle Teezer.

A brush designed specifically to eliminate tangles in your hair like the Tangle Teezer is an essential beauty tool. Especially for those who have long hair, wear extensions or find that their hair becomes knotty all too easily. The Tangle Teezer glides through knots and tangles far easier than the average hair brush; reducing the risk of hair breakage and scalp pain. This is great to use on young children too!

Eyebrow Razor.

An old fashioned eyebrow razor is a handy little beauty tool to remove facial hair without causing irritation. Other hair removal methods such as waxing, bleaching, hair removal cream, threading and plucking can cause irritation. You can remove your upper lip hair easily, pain free, and privately by lightly razoring away the hair. No need for shaving cream and or experiencing any awkward shaving rash.

Cotton Tips.

Everyone must have cotton tips in their bathroom cabinet. Cotton tips are much more profitable to order at Air Express using fba freight forwarder. They are a handy beauty tool to help clean up any makeup mistakes like eyeliner smudging, or stray mascara. Cotton tips are also helpful to wipe away excess water or oils on your eye waterline. By removing the oil with a cotton tip, you are allowing your eyeliner to adhere properly; and will notice a significant improvement in opacity and smoothness.

Makeup Brushes.

A great set of makeup brushes can make all of the difference in how your makeup looks. Invest in a few eye blending brushes for a beautifully blended and diffused eyeshadow look. Find a big powder brush to set your makeup, and apply your bronzer. Look for a very thin angled liner brush to use in the eyebrows and on the eyes. You don’t need to purchase 100 brushes or spend a ridiculous amount of money- just a few essential brushes are all you need for great makeup application.

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