60 Second Makeup-Fastest Makeup Tricks Yet


In a rush? No need to worry we have the tips for the fastest flawless makeup ever. You can easily pull together your look in minutes with the right tools. There are some staples that every girl should have in her makeup bag: BB creamMakeup brushMascaraLipstick (which can double as blush), Eyeliner, Moisturizer.


You always have time to wash your face and moisturize. You have to always moisturize before you do anything else to your face. Use a warm wash cloth to wash your face than add your moisturizer. At a minimum you should always be able to throw on some lipstick. The BB Cream with a hint of foundation will have a dual purpose it will act as a cover up and a skin brightener. You can draw a simple line on your upper lid with a little bit of wing on it to open up your eyes.


Use your mascara from the inside of your lashes outward in a sweeping motion to really get the lash you will love even when you are running out the door. You can also wiggle your mascara wand a little bit at the base of your lashes to thicken them up nicely. Use a business card to hold under or behind the lashes to minimize the need to clean up.


Of course you have to add a little color to your cheeks and to get some contouring in. Instead of worrying about having separate compacts of lipstick and blush choose a lipstick color that will compliment your skin and use it as blush. You can blend it all in with your big makeup brush. To add lipstick as blush use little dots right under your cheek bone and then smudge it in with your fingertips in sweeping motions up toward your hair line. Using the brush to buff things up will give you a nice matte finish.

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Things you can Use in a Pinch


Sometimes you just do not have time to grab your makeup case on your way out the door or you woke up someplace other than home. There are a few things that you can use that are easy to find to help you always look your best. Corn starch– greasy hair problem? A little corn starch powdered on the roots will absorb the excess oil-don’t forget to shake your head. You can also use baby powder or flour in a pinch. No lip gloss? No problem! You can use a little olive oil to give your pout a shiny pucker. You can also use olive oil to get rid of last nights makeup and to give your eye lids a little shimmer. Coconut oil is also a big helper for getting your lips looking moisturized and lovely.


Need a little hairspray but ran out? Cooking starch mixed with some water can do the trick. It is not a long term good idea because it will flake off but for the time being. You can also use spray starch and get the same results. Apple Cider Vinegar is a great toner in a pinch. Dryer sheets will get rid of the frizzy’s on the go. Hand lotion can double as leave in conditioner for your hair (but only use a small amount). There are plenty of ways to look great on the way out the door no matter where you are. Just learn this makeup tricks and you will shine bright like a diamond!

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